Small Plates


Organic aubergine layered with our famous tomato sauce topped with BuffaloNotzarella and Parmesan 


180 gr organic arborio rice, saffron, bolognese sauce, bluffalo Notzarella, GF bread crumbs

Burrella Salad

Burrella, datterino Tomato yellow and red, basil oil and oregano

Garlic Bread

Seasoned with roasted garlic oil, oregano, and Maldon flaked salt 

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Bluffalo Notzarella, Parmesan 

Indulgent garlic bread

Datterino tomato’s, superstraccia, oregano 


Main Dishes

Gnocchi al Tartufo

Fave bean garum and porcini creamy sauce, portobello mushrooms and truffle oil finished with "parmezan"

Gnocchi Cacio e Pepe

Creamy cashew and crushed black pepper sauce finished with "parmezan" 

Gnocchi Arrabbiata

Our 8h tomato sauce, black olives, capers, Italian chili flakes finished with parsley sauce and fresh parsley - It's spicy! 

Fusilli Bolognese

Slow-cooked bolognese sauce finished with "parmezan"

Gourmet Pizza

This Menu focuses on the right balance between the macronutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, and fat present in the dish, balancing them with fiber, which affects digestion time and food absorption. 

Sud - pdo

Vesuvio tomato, superstraccia, taggiasche olives, pantelleria capers, oregano


Creamy white onion, fried spiced chickpeas, raw wild chicory and EVO oil 

Green Calzone

Curly escarole, pantelleria capers, taggiasche olives, EVO oil 


Macherate red e yellow datterino, rocket, burrata

Classiche Pizza


San marzano tomato sauce, bluffalo notzarella, parmesan, oregano, EVO oil and basil

Ciao Bella

San Marzano tomato sauce, buffalo notzarella, chestnut mushrooms, artichoke Alla Romana, oregano, EVO oil


Ruffle sauce, oyster mushroom, buffalo notzarella, parmesan and truffle oil 


Tomato Sauce, almond ricotta, spinach, artichoke, olives and oregano 

Mama mia

Bolognese sauce, superstraccia, garlic oil and origano 


San Marzano Tomato sauce, spicy paste, red pepper, friarelli ( Broccoli Rabe) mushroom, and chilly oil


Cheese sauce, roasted onion, purple potatoes, parmesan, and truffle oil



Toasted banoffee cake slice topped with nut caramel and toasted almonds 

Torta di mandorle caramellate

Caramelized almonds pie served with poached seasonal fruit and vanilla ice-cream 

Tiramisù con crema al cioccolato

Layered coffee and white chocolate cream on biscuit

Cheese cake

Hackney gelato

Chocolate, raspberry, Sicilian lemon

Cocktails by Select Aperitivo

Select Spritz Carafe

Prosecco, Select Aperitivo and a splash of soda water for

Select Spritz

Prosecco, Select Aperitivo and a splash of Soda Water

Monte & Tonic

Amaro Montenegro and Tonic


Amaro Montenegro, gin and Select Aperitivo

Cocktails by PlantHub Organic

Basil Pow

Basil infused Vodka, Apple Juice, Lemon Juice and Elderflower Syrup

Twisted G&T

Gin, Elderflower Syrup, Grapefruit Juice and Splash of Tonic Water

Bloody Mario

Vodka, signature Tomato Juice finished with homemade Celery Salt and Celery Ribbon

Hot Pear Star

Pear infused Rum, Pear Juice, homemade chilly and Chocolate Syrup

Specials & Requests

Please ask staff if there are any specials or if you have a specific request



Acqua Panna Natural Mineral water


San Pellegrino carbonated Natural Mineral water

Soft Drinks

by Galvanina


Biological sparkling Orange drink with Pulp

Mandarino & Fico D'India

Biological sparkling Mandarins and Cactus Pear drink


Biological sparkling Sourorange drink

Tè al Limone

Biological Lemon and Darjeeling Black Tea drink

Flaver kombucha Cucumber e rose


by Baladin

Birra Nazionale Baladin

Italian Ale


Wine of The Day

Please ask staff


2013 Montepulciano D'Abruzzo

2018 Rioja Tempranillo

2014 Montepulciano D'Abruzzo ZEROSULF

2017 Bejoulais Villages

2016 Langhe Freisa

2014 'ROHD' Sangiovese di Romagna


2017 Sirio Trebiano D ' Abruzzo

2015 Gavi Frizzante Le Bolle

2019 San Lorenzo Passerina

2018 Carl Loewen Riesling

2016 Sancerre Quarterons

2016 Saumaize - Michelin


2016 Pampaneo Bianco

2013 Cuo redoro Greco

2016 Alkina 'Kin'

2015 Sancerre Auksinis



Homemade Lemon Liqueur

Grappa Amarone della Valpolicella

Grape based pomace brandy from Valpolicella

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